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 VBN Consultants specialise in two core service areas: Business Performance and Business Future

It’s just not that simple for a leader to look beyond conventional business
practices and processes in order to take their company forward. Yet thought leaders and future forecasters agree that looking beyond is crucial. Unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking is key to ensuring the long-term success of most modern businesses. VBN facilitates exactly this kind of positive change in your business and leadership.

The tools and exercises we’ve developed motivate you to find purpose both as a leader and as a business. We leverage your personal inspiration, insight and experience at a deeper level in order to induce smart thinking: new ideas, innovations and solutions that hone your competitive edge. You know your business, we help you get out the box.

VBN Consultants facilitate strategic business planning workshops for leadership teams across many fields. These include: franchising, retail, fashion, food services, healthcare, agricultural and marketing.

We also work with successful entrepreneurs who, having started and grown successful businesses and brands, now need to take the next step. Our expert knowledge of big brands and established business infrastructures help us facilitate a more structured, systematic business planning approach for entrepreneurial enterprises.

business performance 

business strategy & planning

In our business strategy workshops, we help leaders understand their internal and external operating environments by assessing the current realities of their business and/or brands. We walk leaders through developing visions for their businesses, setting clear strategic objectives, identifying differentiators to give their brands a competitive edge and setting strategies for the future.

In our business planning sessions , we encourage leadership teams to use their business strategy to identify key drivers for their business. From this they are guided through the development of strategic initiatives to support each driver. Detailed action plans with measurable indicators and accountability tools are implemented to support each strategic initiative.

We also show teams how to incorporate these elements into their KPIs or scorecard measures.

Our proprietary tool A.T.H.E.N.A™ is used to facilitate our business strategy and business planning processes.

leadership & team behaviour

We can help you run workshops across a wide variety of platforms: from identifying the problems and solutions facing your business to out-of-the-box thinking sessions.

We work with a client to bring real values to the surface and identify behavioural anchors. These behaviours are integrated with business processes (such as onboarding programs) to performance management processes. By ensuring that values are real they become an integral part of every-day behaviour across all levels.

VBN has worked with CEO’s in developing key messages for teams, integrating values through the organisation and contributing effectively to the executive development processes.

brand building

From the business plan we are able to assist companies in developing their marketing strategies. These strategies identify key marketing objectives and detail the brand blueprint, i.e., how the brand will be positioned in the marketplace, what the consumer promise will be and what emotional or functional attributes the brand has to support that positioning and promise.

In conjunction with our Future Business Division, we also facilitate the development of communication strategies. By helping teams identify their target customer insights they can better understand their customers future needs and wants. A communication plan is then developed to address issues such as product range, pricing, media, PR, retail focus and service offering.

 future business

trends & ideas

We work with clients to examine the most up-to-date business and consumer trends. Our experience offers sound learnings in technology and digital innovations, marketing, food, retail, fashion and beauty, as well as healthcare. Relevant trends and opportunities are integrated into a client’s strategic initiatives and business growth plans.

consumer insights

According to Forbes, one of the top five reasons businesses fail is because companies/brands are not engaged in ‘a deep dialogue with their target audience’. Mindful of this, VBN stays close to the consumer and invests in available consumer insights to help clients understand their customers future needs and wants. VBN currently offers clients the opportunity to understand the future market, namely the millennials: who they are, how they think, what they need and want. It also unpacks how brands have to adapt in order to win this unconventional consumer group over.

service experience

In this ever-changing, economically stressed environment the consumer is always looking for purpose in their lives: seeking out establishments, services and products that enhance life experience overall. At VBN we analyse the customer’s journey and how the customer interacts with the brand. We identify which steps in the journey are building loyalty and repeat business, and which steps have become ‘pain points’ and are distancing the consumer from the brand. We help our clients offer consumers a new and refreshing customer experience by developing customer journeys that actually matter to the customer.

 our tools

VBN A.T.H.E.N.A.™ Business Planning Model

 The A.T.H.E.N.A.™ model enables companies to view their business with wisdom, courage and inspiration. It imbues a team with a true humility and understanding of their target audiences. From this intrinsic understanding, they can then create, produce and procreate profitable business solutions and plans. Purposed with adding value, companies can then positively impact individuals and communities.

  • VBN TRIO™ Project Launch Plan
    VBN TRIO™ Project Launch Plan

    The VBN TRIO™ model is a customised project management tool. It provides a process for businesses to kickstart a special project. This tool focuses on the project objectives and deliverables. Project teams develop a thorough and detailed outline of their project plan, thereby ensuring it gets off the ground and succeeds.



      VBN Consultants developed a propriety values tool called VBN ValueSurf™. Valuesurf is a creative and interactive method of surfacing values in an organisation. By identifying behaviours needed in the team, this tool enlivens those values which are key in that particular workplace. Already utilised by several clients, this versatile methodology can be applied to factory workers as well as the Exco level.

      • e2e Customer Journey Mapping Tool™
        e2e Customer Journey Mapping Tool™

        The VBN end2end™ Customer Journey Mapping Tool, which enables Clients to map out any Customer Journey with the aim to view the current customer experience and assess its highlights and pain points and to understand the emotions experienced by Customers at every intervention. Then to re think the entire Customer journey and develop a Service Strategy from the Clients perspective.

        who we are 

        • george bourdos
          george bourdos Consultant & Partner

          ‘Don’t talk to me as a demographic, talk to me as an individual’

          George holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Pretoria. He is a partner at VBN and heads up the Future Business Division.

          George has a refreshing perspective on consumer insights and market trend reviews. A millennial himself, he has a strong focus on the millennials target segment. He works with clients to develop brand strategies and customer journey experiences that differentiate and build customer loyalty.

          George was integral in developing the VBN end2end Customer Journey Mapping process for VBN.

        • Sue Morris
          Sue Morris Senior Consultant

          “High performing businesses today require leaders who can manage performance and culture together.”

          Sue Morris is a senior consultant at VBN. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with top teams in large and medium-sized businesses to improve business performance by defining winning strategies AND enabling cultures.  Sue believes that without a compelling vision, a clear purpose and belief in shared values, there will always be a gap between strategic intent and execution.

        our clients 

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